Sunday, March 26, 2006

Well, another week has passed and I thought I would introduce the two beings that share my living space with me.

This is Maya. I got her at 7 weeks of age about 10 years ago. She is VERY loving and very attached to me. Almost too much so. She constantly wants to head-butt me and be held. It's cute for about the first 10 minutes. But, my house would be very boring without her, especially after losing my other cat last year.

She is also very curious and is ALWAYS getting into mischief. I had to replace the handles on the lower 2 drawers of my dresser as she kept opening them up to crawl into them. And, I don't know how she did this, but the day after I moved in here, she managed to get stuck behind one of my bookshelves, both of which were snug up against the wall. They are 6 feet tall and all I can think is that she somehow managed to jump from one to the top of the other. This is the end result though and I did manage to stop laughing long enough to take this picture.

This is Tristan. He is a 5 year old purebred Welsh Pembroke Corgi and has a genetic defect that made his hair grow longer than normal. They call a dog with this condition a "fluff". I liked this look when I researched it, as I thought it made them seem more fox-like. On the other hand, I was very grateful that it didn't grow any longer, as I did read their hair can grow down to the ground. He is the first puppy I have ever had and boy, did we go through some rough times together. He is also a momma's boy and he rides in the car with me every chance he gets.

I am fortunate enought to get to take him to work with me and he plays with the 8 other dogs there. Because he is so furry, he tends to get warm quickly. Therefore he spends time outside cooling off at work, which means just hanging outside to wading in the pond on the property. This is where the long fur can NOT be a fun thing, as it is a dirt magnet. But he always seems so happy that it's hard to be too mad at him. Don't let the pic fool you. I just asked him to "wait" while I took the pic, hence the dejected look!

That's it for now. More on the inhabitants of Wolf Hollow later, as "baby season" is getting ready to start. We already have 7 baby bunnies!