Sunday, June 11, 2006

From a Hummingbird to an Eagle......

and everything in between. That is what awaited me yesterday at Wolf Hollow.

Here is a Rufous
hummingbird youngster (At least I think that's what kind of hummingbird they said it was. I know, I know, I need to get better at identifying these things if I am going to post pictures of them) who seems to be missing some crucial tail feathers. He (she?) is SO tiny and will drink out of the syringe if you hold it out to him.

I CAN say with certainty that this is a bald eagle. He came in with a growth on his wing, which was removed two weeks ago. He is now in an outside cage and as you can see, is not happy about me sticking my camera in between the slats to take his picture. I am just glad he is doing okay, as the last time I saw him was 2 days post surgery and he was lying on the floor of the indoor mew. And I mean lying, not standing.
We now have 4 otter kits in, one of which is just shy of being completely weaned, which means I got to bottle feed her!

She, along with the other 3 kits, also gets a mixture of formula and mashed soaked kitten food. Needless to say, eating it is rather a messy process.

We now have 4 fawns in, 3 black-tailed and 1 white-tailed, but it was impossible to get photos of them, as they are very tiny and are in an area of the new deer pen with tall grass. Their camouflage serves them well, especially in situations where pesky volunteers skulk around trying to take their picture.

We have our first Harbor seal pup in! The theme this year for seal names is "of the sea", so they have named him Seaweed.

You can tell he is a premature baby seal as that long fur he has usually comes off "in utero". He weighs 15lbs. and is 26" long. Not the smallest preemie we've had in while I have been there, but close. The smallest one we had in was last year and weighed 12 lbs. Her name was Cobbles. Here Shannon is, holding her hand up to Cobbles for a size reference. And you can really see the long hair on her as well. She was VERY premature and VERY cute.

And, as any baby animal will do when it's been parted from its mother, these baby seals will try and nurse on ANYTHING, including the sides of the tubs during "bath time".

We also got in, for only the second time in 7 years, baby Flickers! According to Serena, these birds are the fastest maturing birds. Within the last week and a half, they have gone from bald with a few feathers coming in to.......

They are the quirkiest things! And oh so cute!

They drew blood from Sedna today in preparation for
her being released soon. I will try and go in this week and get an updated picture of her, as she is GINORMOUS, to borrow Shannon's "exaggeration for the sake of emphasis" word.

That's all she wrote for this week. Til next time.........