Thursday, July 13, 2006

Allow me to introduce you to.....

Sea Star!
While I didn't go in to Wolf Hollow last Saturday due to being sick, I did hear about Sea Star. She is officially the smallest seal they have ever gotten in, weighing in at a measly 11lbs. She is VERY premature(hence the long hair), WAS emaciated, and was barely moving when she was admitted. I was told they were surprised she was even still alive. Needless to say, she has quite the fighting spirit, as not only is she still alive but she is eating like a champ! She has gone from being emaciated to.....well.....extreme plumpnicity.

I mean, LOOK at her! At one point I think I got too close for her comfort level, as she snorted and TRIED to waive her flipper at me. And all I could think about, while trying VERY hard not to laugh, was that scene in the 1971 version of Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, where Violet has blown up into a blueberry and is trying to waive her hands at the Oompa Loompas to keep them at bay. But, hey, better plump than emaciated! Til next time.......

Long awaited Sedna update!

Photo courtsey of Dyanna Lambourne
Sedna, who was transferred to Wolf Hollow on January 22nd after being found in Grays Harbor a quarter mile away from the beach and 30 feet from a road, was released on Wednesday, June 21st. On Tuesday, Sedna was sedated and had flipper tags inserted and a tiny satellite transmitter attached to her head. It then took SIX people to get her Royal Rotundness into the transport cage.

Since her release, she has been spending most of her time in the water making lots of foraging dives of up to 100 meters. When she is out of the water, she has been getting to know the locals, a group of ~1,500 Steller sea lions in residence nearby.

Upon her release I learned that Sedna was THE FIRST successful rehabilitation and release of a Steller sea lion in Washington State! A HUGE congrats goes out to the wonderful and dedicated staff and volunteers of Wolf Hollow who made it happen. I am proud to know all of you and proud to be part of such an amazing team.