Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Stroll Down Memory Lane 2007-2008

It's been pretty slow at Wolf Hollow and I have had some time away, what with me taking the Island's Oil Spill Association's HAZWOPER class (gotta take it if you want to help in an oil spill crisis, even if it's rescuing wildlife) 2 Saturdays ago and then only going in for 2 hours last week due to down-to-the-bone exhaustion, so now is the perfect time to continue our stroll. Shall we? Let's!!


This eagle below is one of our greatest triumphs!
This was just one of a few eagles that came in that was poisoned from eating a chemically euthanized horse that wasn't properly disposed of. When I left, he looked like this, after being tubed off and on all day with charcoal in an attempt to neutralize the poison. No one thought he would survive the night. Next time I saw him....

...he looked like THIS! It was the only one that came in that survived and honestly, it was miraculous that he did!


Til next time...