Thursday, August 23, 2007

Making a Break For It!!

Yes, for the first time in the 25 years that Wolf Hollow has been in existence, the coons made it out of the Weaning Cage....all nineteen of them. Seems there was an old hole that had been repaired a while ago and either the repair broke down or it was just the weight of all of those babies hanging from the roof, (I mean, we haven't had more than seven or eight in there at a time since I started a few years ago) but no matter what the reason, they all squeezed by one.

And while some of them had a blast and explored nearby trees and whatnot......

others....not so much.

Yes, the world outside the cage is HUGE and can be a VERY SCARY place for a young raccoon, and all some of them seemed to want to do was to get back inside to their nice warm sleep box and food. Not to worry. By the next evening all of them were caught after the staff set up live traps baited with goodies!

Big thanks to Jen and Sharon for loaning me their great pics for this post, as I was regaled with this story after the fact! Til next time...