Sunday, March 19, 2006

So, it's been what...a YEAR (exaggeration for the sake of emphasis) since my sister had me start this thing and here is my first REAL posting. I am wondering how long it takes good ol' Westeringhills to see that I have actually worked on this. I am sure she has given up on me as a lost cause...blogging-wise that it.

Why, some of you may ask, or maybe you just aren't THAT curious about blog names, is my blog name what it is? Well, I just wasn't in that creative of a mood and decided to use the name of the organization I work for as my blog name...again, under duress and at the urging of my sis. I am sure I will change it eventually, but until then, there you have it. I work for a wonderful marine conservation/activist organization, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ( We are what I had always thought, being somewhat ignorant of the issue, that Greenpeace was and that is an ACTIVIST organization. While Greenpeace was down "bearing witness", i.e. filming, the whales being killed in Antarctica this past December and January, we were out there trying to actually STOP the whaling.

Well, enough of that. What do I do in my spare time on this beautiful island? I volunteer for another GREAT organization...Wolf Hollow Rehab Center. They are the wildlife rehabilitation center for the San Juan Islands and quite a bit of the nearby mainland as well. So, in working there 4 hours every Saturday morning, I get to see babies like these.....

turn into GORGEOUS birds like this!

Yeah, it's very cool and VERY hands on! I NEVER thought I would get to work so closely with some of the most beautiful creatures we have around here, from hummingbirds and bats, to eagles and harbor seals. I am sure you will all be bored with all the animal pics by the time I am done. Some share their love of food and recipes, I will be sharing my love of animals while trying to keep the preaching to a minimum. Ta for now!


Shannon said...

Ha! It only took me less than two days to check, and that's because I've not been on the computer much!

annelynn said...

Yay! Gorgeous photos.

I volunteer at Saturdays. I think you'd like it, though the critters are (more or less) tame ones. Aside from the occasional pig who tries to eat me, of course.

Heather said...

Glad to hear it Shannon. :) Glad to know you didn't give up on me.

I think it's great you volunteer at a sanctuary as well Annelynn! I have worked at a couple of humane societies and was definitely looking for the "wilder" side this time around.

sher said...

Ahh, beautiful pictures. This is the kind of rehabbing I do, mostly birds or squireels. I did get to help with coyotes once. I met a rehabber from Africa once--she specializes in hippos! Imagine what that's like!