Thursday, November 16, 2006

Keep Your Head Down, Tucker!

Yes! Finally, after WEEKS of nasty weather, we released Tucker the turkey today! But before we could release him, we had to catch him!

While this isn't a great picture of Tucker, it gives you a good idea of what we were up against today. One person held a towel and tried to head him off while another person had a net.

The net won. Once we untangled him, we placed him in a kennel and drove out to a nice big piece of private property that had plenty of room for him to run around and other turkeys for him to get to know. At first, it seemed like he couldn't wait to get out of the kennel and start exploring.

And then after the kennel door was opened he seemed...well...

confused or scared, you decide. Finally someone went towards the back of the kennel and he did an abrupt about-face and made a run for it!

Last we saw, he was cruising around his new digs. And while we are painfully aware that Thanksgiving is only a week away, we really felt like we needed to take advantage of the break in the weather to let him go free. And while there is no hunting on this property, I still hope he keeps his head down for the next week or so!

Til next time...


Shannon said...

I love that last photo! Go Tucker go!

Kari said...

Run , you not so little turkey dude! I had no idea he was so big! Glad he is out cruising the local turkey chicks! :}

annelynn said...

I love that last photo, too. Turkeys are really very beautiful!

Out here on the east coast, turkeys are making a huge comeback. They're even beginning to cause problems in the suburbs, where some tom turkeys have taken to attacking humans. I have to admit, I find that rather amusing!