Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Call it Good and Stamp It Done!

And by that I mean, with the releasing of the fawns today, baby season is officially over. Yes, we loaded them all into a fawn trailer and transported them to Orcas Island, since that is where a few of them came from originally. And believe it or not, the loading went very smoothly. The weather was not cooperating this morning, what with it being very windy and rainy, so I don't have pics of the loading process. But here is how the actual release part of the process went:

First we have a picture of Penny (Hi Penny- Thanks for the blog title suggestion. And no, your hair does not look all poofy-like!), our head rehabber at Wolf Hollow.

The bag she is holding contains deer grain, which we sprinkled liberally around the release site. The fawns are in that trailer. Upon the opening of the door, there was some definite hesitation on some to come out....

...while others just barreled their way out....

...effectively negating the hesitantness of others.

And then came the pretty, pretty princess of the release.

Her goat-like qualities were never more obvious than at this time, when I could see her from a distance. All her bits and pieces are shorter and stubbier than her year mates.

After she meandered out, they all huddled near each other, giving their new surroundings some much needed inspection.

After giving their approval of their new domain, some of the bolder ones decided to try their hand at rock climbing.

Then, they all slowly walked down the trail into the woods.

You all take care and thanks for the memories!

I need to send a special shout-out to Bonni and her husband (they are the ones who brought us the piebald fawn oh so many months ago) for scoping out release sites and helping us with the release itself today! Thanks guys!

Til next time...


Kari said...

Bye bye, kids! Don't forget to write home!!!!

Penny said...

Excellent Heather, just excellet. I really enjoyed the day of notworking-- working.. Now if only the housework that has piled up would do itself as easily.

Shannon said...

Bye, pretty white piebald deer!