Sunday, June 01, 2008

Goodbye Chicken

Yes, I am very sad to say that we had to say goodbye to Chicken.

I had been told a few weeks ago that they were trying very hard, but were not finding anyone interested in taking him on a permanent basis. Because of that, I was told I should say goodbye to him, which I did while taking this picture. I was told yesterday that he was euthanized this past week. He was a fascinating character to take care of and learn from and after having had him for so long in residence, there is definitely a sort of void now that he's gone. And while everyone at Wolf Hollow is sad, we all know he is much better off, as he was literally going stir crazy in his room and kept injuring his wing tips every time he got worked up, even at feeding time.

I do have more to blog about, but thought it only appropriate to make this a separate posting.
Til' next time...

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Kari said...

Poor Chicken! It's a shame they never found out what was wrong with him. Fingers crossed the baldy doesn't go the same route. Would NW Trek take him?