Monday, January 04, 2010

See Ya 2009! Don't Let The Door Hit You On Your Way Out!!!

Yes, after a drama filled 2009, I am more than ready to start the new year off right. And by that I mean sitting down and doing my first posting of 2010!! I'll wrap-up some adventures and I'll tell you about our latest residents! Sound good? Well let's get 'er started then!!!

The fawns...they came in so long ago. Some had issews....

...and some were quite distinguished!

It seems like time went by so fast. They went from being inside, then to being outside in the mobile fawn pens, and before you knew it, they were out in a section of the "big fawn" outdoor pen.

Then they went off the bottle, lost their spots,.... find yourself helping to setup the fawn trailer next to their pen,....

...and then they're gone! Sigh.

Then there was this juvie Bald Eagle.

It came in last June after being found on the ground, unable to stand, and very thin. Its feather-tips fascinated me!

Once it started eating on its own we were pretty sure we were in the clear, and within a few weeks it was well enough to be moved outside to start building up its flight muscles.

It started out in one of the smaller flight cages and over time it was progressively moved up to larger and even larger flight cages until it made it to its final destination in the journey through the ranks of Wolf Hollow...the Eagle Flight Cage.

And there it stayed until we were told that the salmon run had started in the Skagit River. During this time a LOT of eagles congregate there to pick off the spawned out salmon. So, because the eating is good and easy, we try and release eagles there so as to give them the best start they can get upon release back into the wild.

Well, this one wasn't released but a few weeks ago! Yep, it was with us for 6 months!
Penny volunteered to drive it up to the Skagit when she headed off-island for the holidays, so I am borrowing her photos for this portion.

Looking at it in its crate, I wonder what it was feeling, smelling the fish and hearing all the eagles?

It certainly was anxious to rid itself of our company, as once Penny opened the carrier.... it flew! So long and good luck!!!!

Now, onto some of our 2010 residents. Have I mentioned the Turkey Vulture yet? No? REALLY?! Sheesh! I am behind then!

This interesting bird came to us from nearby Orcas Island. When it was found, it was thin and dehydrated, most likely due to the fact that it couldn't fly really well, what with it missing its secondary flight feathers on both wings and feathers on its back.

We tube-fed it fluids to rehydrate it and it was eating on its own after the first day. Pretty soon after that we got it outside to give it some wing room. First it was in one of the mews out in the woods...

..and then it was moved to the Slatted Flight Cage....

...Isn't it cute?!...and it was just recently moved to the Heron Cage.

For me, this vulture differs from the one we had in years ago. That one never seemed to get too agitated when I went in with it, as opposed to this guy, who, even if I just look at him sideways, does what every good vulture does when threatened....he pukes! Yep, everything in his crop comes out. It's an interesting defense mechanism, as what animal is going to go after some huge moving bird when it can have an easy and free meal? I am sure I will get plenty of opportunities to see this in action over and over again, as we are having to winter it with us, 'cause feathers or no feathers, it's too late for it to migrate.

And, to round out the post, I would like to share the story of this GORGEOUS fella with you!

This male Wood Duck was found on the mainland and shipped to us. Upon closer inspection, a puncture wound was found under its left wing. It immediately was started on antibiotics and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

Most people thought it had likely been shot, so an x-ray was scheduled. So x-ray it we did, and this is what we saw.

Absolutely nothing. No pellets, bullets, or broken bones. So now we aren't sure what caused the puncture wound. It could have been predator related I guess, but we will never know for certain.

So for now, it stays in the crate while its wound heals and then it, too, will go up through the ranks of flight cages until it is ready for release.

I would like to end this post by wishing everyone a year full of love, wonder, happiness, and peace. Til next time...


Shannon said...

Gorgeous duck!

Ann said...

As always, the comments and photos are wonderful! Your blog has been shared with family members that may have been unaware of it and have probably never seen half of the animals, in their part of the world, that you treat! Welcome, 2010! And thank you, Wolf Hollow!